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Admin place for merchants

If you are a merchant you can verify your pending transactions by clicking "Trade" and "Admin place for merchants", here in this option we can visualize the pending purchases and sale orders, and it is a chart that is updated automatically, we can see the sale and purchase orders, here we will see the details like, who is the trader that is making the operation, the amount, the amount we must deliver, the fiat, the exchange rate, and the order number, when we go to detail it will take us to the chart of number order where we have details like mobile payment, I.D, phone and as we mentioned before N/A, the time of completion and the chat where we can communicate.
Here we can approve, we can go to dispute, or we can cancel, if we approve, we both (us and the person doing the transaction) should get a notification, we must both approve the transaction, similarly, we could cancel the transaction and if done automatically, it could go to dispute.
Let's see for this example a cancellation, when canceling a transaction it sends us an authorization from our Wallet, and when making the cancellation the transaction is canceled even for the user because the merchant can cancel since he has not made any transaction, the one who performs the transaction if it's a person who sells, they cannot cancel, he could cancel but needs feedback from the merchant.
Last modified 1yr ago