How can I update my information?
To update the information of my account, we go to "My Account" and select our name, last name, and email and press save, this will take us to the Wallet to ask for authorization to avoid Scams and to make sure we are not a robot. We approve the transaction so the process is completed, and we can see the result in the browser, or simply press "OK". As always you will see in the browser all transactions that are registered within the Blockchain in a public manner.
Here is some visual aid that can help you understand the process.
Figure My Account
How to create a Payment Method?
We click on Account "Payment Methods" there we can register all the payment methods that we want to add, such as Zelle, a Binance account, a local bank, or any financial system that we want, we can add them here, by selecting new registration, we select the available payment methods. We have 5 inputs, we can write N/A in those that are going to be empty; we are going to write the account number, for example, the ID number, the account type, and the rest we leave blank as we mentioned before, we click on accept and it sends us the Wallet authorization, we approve and once approved we will see the result in the Wallet, and we can edit it, change any record or we can simply delete the record, it will ask us if we want to do it or not, and the transaction will be executed.
Here is some visual aid that can help you understand the process.
Figure Payment Methods
Let's go to Account "Transaction history", each transaction that is made within the P2P platform is recorded in the smart contract so we can visualize it within the platform, we will have orders that can be offers and orders that can be to buy, the same can be filtered by closed orders or canceled orders, here we have a small detail and is that it can be sorted by date.
Figure Transaction history