To access NEAR P2P, you must log in using your NEAR Protocol Wallet

Landing website: nearp2p.com

​Landing PageTo enter the application you must click on the launch app button that is highlighted in the following figure (landing page) in a light blue circle, marked with an arrow and is located in two areas of the screen.
Landing Page
You can choose in which language to access the application English or Spanish. When clicking on the button indicated in the previous image (Login P2P) we will go to the next screen that is shown below
Access NEAR Wallet
Select your NEAR Wallet account. In the example you can see maruja.near and complete the action by clicking on the Next button
Then, by clicking in the Connect buttom, you will allow the dApp to spend up to 0.25 NEAR towards network fees.
Network Fee Allowance
There you go, now you can see your dashboard in the following image:
Home Screen
The first time you are connected the application will automatically asign an avatar to you, and it is then when you have to fill your account information.
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